10 YouTube Channels You Must Follow If You Love Abuses – MC, BC & More…

We live in an era of MC/BC Slang. It is most commonly used bad word among Hindi speakers that it is no longer a Gaali(Abuse), it has become an essential part of speech.

What if we give you a list of funny YouTube Channels that can give you eargasm with lots of abuses, cuss words, vulgar language from an Indian teenager’s modern dictionary.

Sounds cool…

Let’s begin.

Note: If you don’t like such content, please don’t read the blog further. Use earphones while watching the videos, or else you might receive flying chappal from your parents.


Harsh Beniwal

Subscribers – 987k

This is a hilariously funny Youtube Channel from Harsh Beniwal & his team. This aspiring actor will make you nostalgic about your Delhiite friend.

His videos are full of common gaalis & moreover his Delhi accent makes it more enjoyable.




Ashish Chanchlani

Subscribers – 1.7 Million

No one can beat this YouTuber, when it comes to create funny Hindi videos. His fan base is large & his videos are streaming all over the social media. I am a binge watcher of his all videos, but as right now we are narrowing down funny videos with cuss words, so watch one of his best compilation below –




Old Delhi Films

Subscribers – 311k

As the name suggests, ODF gives you entertaining Delhi based videos that can tickle your funny bones.The intro of each video from this Channel begins with the very funny dialogue from movie Go Goa Gone.

Are you really Russian? You look little Desi…

Ha, Delhi se hu Behen****.

It is enough to crack you up in laughter.





Subscribers – 3 Million

This Channels has been my all time favorite with amazing web-series like Tripling, Permanent Roommates & Pitchers. Though they are not venturing into the Full Gaali Wala Videos dominantly, still the way they use modern language & slangs in their web series makes you feel connected & wanting for more brilliant videos from the same channel.




AIB – All India Bakchod

Subscribers – 2.6 Million

The name itself needs no introduction. To give you a pretext of their infamous reputation in usage of abusive language, I would suggest you to read this – AIB Knockout Roast Controversies

I really wish I could have given you the Video link of Roast itself but they had taken down the AIB Knockout from YouTube channel after the series of complaints filed against them. You can watch other videos from AIB on their official channel.




Aakash Gupta

Subscribers – 63k

Solo standup videos with comic stuff & spectacular engagement & public interaction. This can put the experience of watching Aakash Gupta’s videos in words.

The way he says – You are such a M*****ch*d.

It makes you swoon over his comic timing & makes you watch his videos again & again.



Be YouNick

Subscribers – 63k


BB ki Vines

Subscribers – 4.6 Million

This guy cannot be compared to anyone. Single guy, 14 Characters, One Nexus phone & 4.6 Million Happy Subscribers.

He has the fastest growing channel in India, which is very close to getting 5 million subscribers.



Zakir Khan

Subscribers – 1 Million

Epic dialogues & inventing his own vocabulary with some hilarious phrases is a Zakir Khan thing. It’s not in everyone’s power to understand the depth of his jokes. His videos are full of sarcasm, rants & some amazing observations.

With this, it’s a wrap to this list. Share your favorite Youtuber who abuses a lot.

You might share their popular MC-BC dialogues by putting ***** at the abusive words by keeping the cuss word hidden & yet understandable.