Rahul Gandhi – Imperfectly Perfect Politician in India [Fool Proof Videos]

rahul gandhi jokes

Rahul Gandhi is widely known for the absurd statements he makes occasionally.

Eventually he is Vice President of Indian Congress Party & the Member of Parliament from Amethi, UP. Read Wikipedia.

There are many jokes around the web dedicated to him. He never takes an offense for these jokes & keeps on coming with even better jokes & funny moments.

We expect an Indian politician to wear a Khadi Kurta with a PA carrying his loads of files & papers. Someone who speaks after thinking & makes politically correct statements only.

However, Rahul Gandhi broke the stereotype. He tried his level best to fit in but failed miserably….

He unintentionally does some things that brings him in the limelight. Sometimes for good reasons & mostly for the bad ones.

Here is a compilation of ridiculously funny videos of RG, which proves that he is not a conventional politician.

We salute him for his tenacity of purpose & sportiness of taking every joke in a light spirit.


Let’s Start with the Latest Controversy…

During his visit in Gujrat, he tried to attack his counterpart & made an unforgettable mistake. Watch it out in this video…



When He is Too Polite But Others Don’t Care…

Rahul Gandhi is  a really polite politician. He was obliviously ignored by an elderly politician in Lok Sabha.


He can MAKE his own party member laugh….

His jokes are well perceived by his own party members & opposition.


It’s a hard world to be different in…

The odd life of RG is an epitome of this statement.

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