It’s a very, very mad world.

If you are dynamic, successful & popular woman, living your life at your own terms & conditions, then at one point or another you are going to be targeted by the male chauvinists for sure.

Recent incidents like Kangana-Hrithik and Shami-Hasin Jahan controversies lead to introspect us the current position of women in the society. The actress admitted in an interview that even after being a successful woman, she had to struggle to put her opinion in public domain in right tone & she had to pay a big price for that. She was character assassinated, called several names. Her privates chats were out in public.

The very first question that pops into my mind while observing all the allegations & barriers made against these young women is- WHY this world is so harsh for a woman?

The oppression of women stems largely from the men’s desire for power & control. This desire has burnt dreams of many young and charismatic women.

Before we get started, I need to put light on some really important facts regarding women & their social status.

crime against women

I will tell you the truth about this Men’s World in the next 90 seconds.

Why It’s Tough to be a Woman with Opinion?

50% of the population is oppressed to live their whole lives under immense social pressure. There is something really wrong with the world.

If a woman tries to rise above, she ends up being called mentally sick, egoistic or even worse characterless. Does that happen very often to a man with similar moral values and opinions?

The answer is NO. This world is framed in a way that a man has liberty to do what they want. We are supposed to hide and feel ashamed for anything wrong a man does. Be it rape, infidelity, eve-teasing. If you notice the pattern, you’ll see the women are at the receiving end of all these and they are not in fault in all these cases logically.

How they put blame on women for their wrong doings is even interesting.

See the examples:

  1. A girl was raped in UP, India. A prominent leader gave statement supporting the patriarchy clan by saying insensitively : Boys will be boys! They make mistakes. Will you hang them for rape?
  2. When a women is raped, her dressing sense is center of discussion on news panels. It is projected that revealing cloths seduce boys and in fit of emotion they commit crime. It is noteworthy that boys wear shorts and revealing cloths too. I never heard any such incident happening with them.
  3. If a man is found having extra marital affairs. He often finds a rathole by saying he wasn’t getting love in his existing marriage. He makes the whole thing about the bad behavior of the wife and to the most he never accepts his infidelity till the end.

What if we put a woman at the place of man in these cases. First, a woman raping a man is a mere theory, nobody believes that this is even possible. If a man files case of sexual harassment against a woman, it is more embarrassing than being culprit of rape.

Second, you can’t even tell man what to wear and what not.

And third, a woman get divorced straight after being caught in the act. Let alone the apology, no body gives her a chance to explain.

Keeping all these in mind, women are raised to be calm, tolerating and oppressed. They are raised to have no voices so that there are least conflicts with their spouse and in-laws. So that they can’t ask for their rights. They are told what is wrong several times so that it gets imbibed into their minds. Still for most of the women, sex and puberty are the topics, they don’t want to discuss with anyone.

This ugly truth remains in our society and this will affect our upcoming generations too. It’s time for change. It’s time when we give equal rights to our kids regardless of their genders.