Anger, Stress, Anxiety & Depression are so closely knitted that sometimes it is hard to understand what you are experiencing.

These all are strong negative feelings & when you indulge in these negative emotions, you choose to be upset.

You choose to hurt your loved ones. You loose all senses & make the best speech, you’ll ever regret.

An angry person shows that his aggressive actions are justified. But at the core of his heart, he feels suffocated & locked.

If you are an aggressive person, you definitely want to change this behavioral issue, whether you accept it or not.

Never underestimate the influence of anger. It hurts you more than anyone else. You are at the receiving end of consequences.

When there’s anger, there’s pain underneath. If you want to release that pain, this blog can help you to tame your anger before it become danger.

Here are 10 tips to deal with anger effectively:

1. Don’t Target Your Loved Ones.
2. Five Apps You Didn’t Know That Can Improve Your Anger Management.
3. Identify Possible Solutions to Shift Your Attention.
4. Accept Your Anger – Stop Denying.
5. Defuse it with Humor.
6. Things Outta Go My Way – Big NO!
7. Give Less Importance to People or Things that Make You Angry.
8. Record Yourself Describing Your Anger.
9. Forgive Your Past Mistakes.
10. Seek Help for Anger Management.


1. Don’t Target Your Loved Ones


First of all, I would like to admit, I am a person who feel anger bubbling up very quickly. Holding on anger makes me feel even worse than letting it vent.

It is perfectly fine to be angry with the right person & to the right degrees at the right time.

However, learning anger management is not easy. It is not in everyone’s power to blow off all the frustration on the right person.

Sometimes you are angry because your boss said something bad about your work, or someone made a derogatory remark on you.

You weren’t able to revert with the same intensity & it accumulated in you. You kept on thinking about it for hours & days.

And finally…

You poured this all on your kid, sibling, best friend or mother.

That’s the biggest facepalm moment.

I always believe that the people we love the most are the same people we’re most awful to in word and deed.

Specially when you hurt someone innocent, it breaks you one more degree.

Never ever lash out at your loved ones. It takes determination & practice to learn anger management but losing this habit will do a great deal for you.



2. Five Apps You Didn’t Know That Can Improve Your Anger Management


Learning Anger Management is not difficult at all! You just need a great teacher!

In today’s world, mobile phones are our constant companions. Here are some recommended apps for anger management.


  1. Anger Management Hypnosis.
  2. Anger Management Free App.
  3. Bottle Smash.
  4. Pacifica.
  5. GPS for the soul.


Although, I am not a strong supporter of any external aid or app. I suggest you to try these apps at least once. However, If you don’t do it right it can be a wasteful effort. Self awareness and determination can make you conquer your biggest enemy “Anger”.



3. Identify Possible Solutions to Shift Your Attention


As, I mentioned earlier I am a red-head person. I struggled a lot with my bad temper & its consequences. I had to find some way to shift my attention from anger.

So, I tried many things & here I am listing out Tried & Tested ways to distract yourself from bursting out with anger.

Find alone time & leave the potentially blow-off situation immediately. Sometimes introspection gives you a perspective to deal with the situation better. Use this alone time constructively, don’t think about the comebacks & fire-words.

Be mindful of your breathing. I know it is so trivial… But it is magical at the same time. Whenever you are angry, your breathing pattern changes. If you can bring back it to the normal. You can control your anger too.

Do something unnerving. Listen to music, dance or exercise. Find your own way of unwinding yourself.



4. Accept Your Anger – Stop Denying


“The more you hide your feelings, the more they show. The more you deny your feelings, the more they grow.”

Avoiding negative emotions is what we were being told as a child. I think when you try to deny anything negative, it comes back like a boomerang.

Don’t suppress the negative feeling. Anger become fatal when it is left unexpressed. You have to accept it entirely & you are halfway in the battle against anger.

We’re swimming in a culture of pro-positivity. How could we affirm our anger in this culture?

Trust me, sometimes letting go of bad things is related to the acceptance. Hence, it is okay to accept, feel & release anger.



5. Defuse it with Humor


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Similarly, some good humor can vanish your anger in matter of seconds.

My go to people are my besties. They listen to me & never judge me for my words that I hurled in anger. Its therapeutic.

They make me laugh & make fun of things in such a way that I feel much better about the situation.

Surround yourself with such people.



6.  Things Outta Go My Way – Big NO!


Say no to this attitude. Every angry person has this issue. Whenever they lose grip over their surrounding, they become hysterical & unreasonable.

You are not God, other people may have different opinions.

You don’t own them. Stop being pushy all the times. Accept others as well.


7. Give Less Importance to People or Things that Make You Angry


If you’ll notice closely, you are angry about certain things more than others.

When you start giving too much importance to someone or something, these people & things start overpowering you.

Do not waste words, time or effort on things that won’t matter in upcoming 5 years.

Life is not a fairy tale. People may be good or shithead, situations may be favorable or extreme.

Do not let it take toll on you. Live easy, don’t spend a single minute of your life to drain yourself in the pothole of negativity.



8. Record Yourself Describing Your Anger


To be honest, I did it once.  I didn’t feel better afterward, but it was a moment of self-reflection.

I didn’t feel good about what I have become and how anger made me a person I wouldn’t like to meet again in my life.

The recorded anger will remind you about the poison & bad impact of it on you. Every time you are going to lose tamper, you’ll get a tight close-up of your angry face & behavior. It will help you to eradicate such behavior & find alternate.



9. Forgive Your Past Mistakes


Sometimes the inner monster become terribly strong when you have a clinging past.

If someone gets angry easily, s/he might have a tough beginning to life, bad life experience or relationship earlier.

When you keep on visiting that harsh chapter every single day, you can’t stay happy for longer.

It triggers anger & bad feelings in you,

If you were a happy-go-lucky person earlier & from past few years or days, you have become prone to anger.

Then, you need to revisit the incident that made you hung up.

Forgive yourself whenever these thoughts captivate you & forgive your counterpart too.



10. Seek Help for Anger Management


Having said all these, I believe that sometimes your aggression might be way too harsh & rough. In that case consider getting help from some Motivational Guru, Health Professional or Psychiatrist.


Anger is nothing but an outward expression of frustration, fear & hurt. Anger Builds nothing but destroys everything.

To sum up, angry people are really energetic & passionate. They just need to channelize their energies into something constructive. The above mentioned tips are right through my heart & they will proven to conquer anger.

If you have something to share with us, drop a comment below.

I hope this guide helped you to understand anger & ways to tame it before you regret.