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How to Not Be a Grammar Nazi?

Grammar Nazis/police feel compliance with grammar and spelling to attempt to “correct” others. In this guide, you’d read my experience on how to deal with grammar Nazi without killing your writing credibility.

8 Must-Follow Secrets to Beat Any Interview as Freelancer

Want to know the secret of cracking freelance interview like a pro? Get tips right here and ace your interview, bonus: questions that you must ask the client before laying hands on a freelance project

Most Googled Questions About IITs

In our research, we found some weird but interesting question that were asked on google about IIT.
In this article, we’d answer all those questions quickly and up to our best knowledge. We tried to include as many questions as we could, but still if you have any question, ask us in the comment section below.
So, let’s start…

Numbness of Bystanders is Fatal for Indian Law and Order!

A country like India where democracy has turned into “Mobocracy” and Hindustan has turned into “Lynchistan”, things are surely going wrong way.

Men’s World is a Mad World – Ugly Truth!

It’s a very, very mad world. If you are dynamic, successful & popular woman, living your life at your own terms & conditions, then at one point or another you are going to be targeted by the male chauvinists for… Continue Reading →

10 Tips to Control Anger Before You Regret

Anger, Stress, Anxiety & Depression are so closely knitted that sometimes it is hard to understand what you are experiencing. These all are strong negative feelings & when you indulge in these negative emotions, you choose to be upset. You… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Sanam Puri Songs – Fall In Love Uncontrollably…

Who Is SANAM? Sanam Puri is an Indian singer & lead vocalist of pop rock music band SANAM. This young heart throb has garnered over 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. His confidence, cute looks & vivid taste of… Continue Reading →

How to Learn 500+ Big English Words?

  Have you ever been flabbergasted by someone who talked to you by putting so many BIG words in a single sentence? And you wondered how did that person develop such a strong vocabulary?   Why is Strong Vocabulary Important?… Continue Reading →

Top 20 Self Made Millionaires from India – Young Successful Entrepreneurs

How to become a young millionaire in India? Everyone wants to be rich. Young people are more ambitious & earning 7 figures in your early 30’s is a huge success itself. Among the rat race of government job exams, engineering… Continue Reading →

21 Days Meditation Challenge – From Life is Shitty to WOW!

Meditation? Does that even work? I was brought up in India – the land of YOGA & meditation. I have heard about meditation umpteenth times, but never tried it. I was working in an IT company & life was getting… Continue Reading →

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